Sunday, October 23, 2011

May your road be long and free of Cars.

Today the sport of Motorcycling lost a rising star and ambassador to a fatal crash.

At 24 years old Marco Simoncelli was just approaching the end of what should have been the first third of his life yet he already had achieved something most die hard motorcycle enthusiasts spend a lifetime only dreaming of - a 250 GP title. Today, as Marco was working towards the goal of eventually winning a world title in the premier MotoGP class, he met an early end. I will remember Marco as a particularly inspiring fellow rider. His smile and lighthearted, self deprecating statements to the press after repeatedly testing, and finding, the limit of his bikes abilities was a powerful statement to fans that he was having a good time; that he would not have his spirit dampened by something so trivial as a slide across the gravel trap. Marco had the heart of a champion and would have surely made the next step if given more time. At this brave athletes passing the entire motorcycling community has lost a friend and the world has lost positive energy. Goodbye Marco. Thank you for all of the smiles.

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